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Had a great trip last May where I spent 7 days straight at Bangkok, Thailand!

Here are some pictures I took. The stories are saved when I have time to write more. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures! There are too many pictures...


I want to touch people with my art.  I want them to say:  He feels deeply, he feels tenderly.
So it was a quiet and nice Friday on the second of March, 2018. I was enjoying the leisure time as the aftermath of crazy deadlines in the last few weeks. You can blame it on the agency life I've been living for almost 2 years. Got so many deadlines to do so I skipped some cool movies to watch, like Dunkirk (lol). But I can guarantee you, I still got time to watch my all-time favourite Netflix series (like Stranger Things or Terrace House). No worries! 
So a friend of mine asked me to watch Loving Vincent, abruptly, unplanned that night. The release date in Indonesia is on February 28th. So we're kinda late a few days. But you know, there is no exact information about this movie on Indonesia media! People seemed to focus on something else. Seriously, watching Loving Vincent is far more important than anything else that you're doing right now! Go watch it before it is all too late!!

5 Reasons Why I Have to Say I Hated 'Sad Girls' by Lang Leav

So... Finally, I could spare some time to review this book (though I've done it on my Goodreads account). It's been a while since I got the copy. But I feel the need to do the review as soon as I can. So, here it is... Beware of spoilers. Have warned you, okay...
Let's talk about the package, shall we?  I like the cover. It looks promising, don't you think? The font and simple illustration remind me of Hen Kim's artworks. But apparently, the cover was illustrated by ohgigue. I'm sure about it since the illustration is far from Lang Leav's usual works. Maybe she was too busy to do the illustration like previous books before this one.  As for the size, it's actually bigger than regular books. I don't know exactly about the dimension whatsoever. You can see the comparison from the picture I took side by side with my hair perfume. At the back cover, there is this quote; A girl who cried wolf. A boy in sheep's clothing. A killer romance. A deadly sec…

Review: 'The Keepers' - Netflix's Latest Docuseries

It's true crime. It incorporates a half-century-old unsolved murder case. It is the story of a nun, trying to blow up the biggest secret revolving around the church, but gets killed. It is too devastating to indulge, although it is only documentary series; there is no actual crime conducted whatsoever in each of the episodes.

So, if you haven't watched the series yet, better stay away. There will be a lot of spoilers.

Are you ready?

In a nutshell, The Keepers is a seven-part Netflix documentary series climbing up the must-watch competition of crime genre. It has all of the requirements:
1. Someone murdered? Checked!
2. The missing suspect? Checked!
3. Government's involvement? Checked!
4. Police's involvement? Definitely!

What makes this docuseries worth watching is the church's involvement. Yes, you heard it right. At the beginning of the series, I knew well that there would be a cover-up from the church of any adulteries conducted by the priests. When the intro …

Book Review: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (ねじまきι³₯クロニクル)

Haruki Murakami is a great writer. He writes to find an answer. I don't know what is the answer that he's been looking for, but for each one of his journeys, one thing that he always offers to his readers: solitude. It grows stronger in every book of his that I manage to read. All of the main characters are isolated or accidentally plan to isolate from the society. 
Toru Okada is pretty much living the life of a lonesome wanderer. He enjoys living alone, even after the sudden leave of his wife and cat. He is pleased enough to jump into the well and sit in it for countless hours. As much as he feels sad about the abruptness that happened to his life, deep inside the well, he is happy enough to spend more hours in the well of an abandoned house in his neighbourhood. 
Just like most of his books, Murakami is positioning himself in each one of his characters, who is aimless. No purpose to go. No destination to reach. Toru's life is basically like a flowing river. He just keep…

13 Reasons Why You Can't Chill About 'Thirteen Reasons Why'

SPOILER ALERT! If You Haven't Read/Watched 13 Reasons Why, THEN STOP HERE! As you know from the title, I need to warn you one more time. If you don't have any clue about this viral thing going on on Netflix, called 13 Reasons Why grabbed from the same title of a young adult fiction book written by Jay Asher, MOVE ALONG. Continue living that perfect life of yours...

Critical Thinking When It is Biased and Distorted

When we think clearly and rationally about everything, without being biased, uninformed, or prejudiced, then it is critical thinking. We all know that the mind itself is never quiet even distorted, sometimes. Once it is clear, it can engage in a more reflective and independent thinking. It can also reason to the highest level of quality.